Chemkimia/Sorbe Soburst 200

Chemkimia/Sorbe Soburst 200

Soburst 200 is a silicone antifoam for controlling foam in water treatment & wet processing of textile and paper. It is a silicone based defoamer to control the foam generated in the pre-treatment process in high turbulence machine. Soburst is highly suitable for ETP/water treatment.


  • Suitable for processing of all types of substrate.
  • Suitable in wide pH range from 4.0 to 11.0.
  • Highly efficient and work at lower dosages
  • Stable when storage at normal temperature and conditions


  • Effectively controls foam generation in high turbulence system
  • Destroys existing foam
  • Excellent stability at high temperature/pressures.
  • Low effect on TDS

Physical Properties

Ionic Nature: Nonionic
Composition: Polysiloxane
Appearance: White Emulsion
Solubility: Misible with water
Compatibility: Compatible with non-ionics and anionics. Stable to mild alkalis and acids