A Streaming Current Monitor (SCM) is an instrument used for charge analysis that exists on small, suspended particles in liquid. Measurement of charge that converted into A.C. signal or Streaming Current, proportional to charge density, is electronically processed and displayed.


The SCM responds immediately to changes of water characteristic such as colour and turbidity which allow the water operator to adjust coagulant dosage accordingly.


Chemchlor SCM E and EX series can be connecting to existing dosing system and enable AUTOMATIC DOSING CONTROL. Dosage of coagulant will adjust automatically according to changes of water characteristic. Benefits of SCM includes:


  • Automated Dosing for coagulant
  • Reduces overall chemical cost
  • Maintain consistent dosage of ACH
  • Low operating and maintenance cost
  • Able to treat NTU range from 100 NTU to 5000 NTU
  • Durable, reliable & easy control dosing system
  • Microprocessor technology

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