Chemkimia’s International Showcase at IFAT 2018, Germany

Chemkimia’s International Showcase at IFAT 2018, Germany


Recently, Chemkimia showcased our signature products, CHEMCHLOR SCM E & EX series at IFAT 2018 in Munich, Germany. This exhibition is the world’s leading trade fair for environmental technologies and we are proud to represent Malaysia on world stage.

It is designed to compliment our specialty chemical, CHEMCHLOR ACH. The project brought the teams of chemists and engineers together, enabling them to approach the development of SCM in an even more multi-faceted way.

Engineered in Malaysia, the SCM (Streaming Current Monitor) is designed to identify the changes of water characteristics such as colour and turbidity. Measurement of charge that converted into A.C. signal or Streaming Current, proportional to charge density, is electronically processed and displayed. The E and EX series can be connected to existing dosing system to enable automatic dosing control. Dosage of coagulant will adjust automatically according to changes of water characteristic.

The implementation of the automated dosing of coagulant is designed to give sustainable, reliable and cost effective solution to its users. Automation of the process reduces wastage on chemicals consumption. The ultimate goal of this collaboration is offer greener water treatment solutions, to protect and preserve the environment.

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