10MLD Packaged Water Treatment Plant, UWSS Sabah

10MLD Packaged Water Treatment Plant, UWSS Sabah

  • Packaged Water Treatment Plant, UWSS Sabah

The state government of Sabah has implemented the Urgent Water Supply Scheme (UWSS) project to cope with the water supply problems faced by local residents. Chemkimia is honoured to be involved with the development of Telibong II UWSS project that will boost the current water supply capacity at the treatment plant by another 10MLD.

A compact water treatment plant design is proposed to fulfil the requirements of a temporary solution for the UWSS. Compared to the conventional water treatment plant, the packaged plant structure offers a lot of flexibility in constructions with minimal land use. Packaged plant consumes smaller environment footprint and is easy to transport and connect at remote locations.

Our water treatment solution comprises of:

  • Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) System
  • Ultrafiltration (UF) system with auto backwash system
  • Supratec UF Hollow Fibre Membrane Cassettes
  • SCM E20 & sensor for controlling dosage of Chemchlor ACH coagulant (will adjust automatically according to changes of water characteristic)
  • Chloridose 50 feeder system to accurate and efficiently dose free chlorine for water disinfection
  • Chemchlor ACH superior coagulant
  • Chemchlor SDC-60 Chlorine Tablet
  • Fully automatic control system with PLC
  • Remote monitoring that allows immediate access to plant data remotely

The Telibong II UWSS project will provide additional water supply to the existing Telibong I plant to address the water supply problem in Tuaran, Tamparuli, Manggatal, Telipok and other surrounding areas. The project’s T&C (Testing & Commissioning) is completed on 24th December 2022.